• “Thank you for such a fantastic recital! I was blown away. Mabel had the time of her life! Thank you for making the day so professional and special for her (and us!)”
Elissa Johnson

  • “We are so Grateful for your dance program. Charlie’s confidence has grown on so many levels. Ms Marni is great and is so encouraging. Thank you so much Ms Monica 
Gracie Rico

  • “I can’t say enough how neat it is that Fiora is learning so much and developing such a love for ballet…all of the classes and performances have been so important for her!”


Kendra Wessling, M.S.

  • “Dance has kept my daughter’s spirits up. She keeps dancing and I see a smile on her face instead of tears and my heart gets happy! She is grieving through dancing! Thank you and your dance studio!!”

  • “Hi Monica.  I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how grateful I am for you all, and that you were able to adapt and reopen. Sapphira came home from dance class yesterday thoroughly exhausted, but so much more herself.”
Jennifer Romero

  • “Thank you so much for everything you’re doing! I can’t tell you how much it means to our family that Moriah is able to “go to” dance class again. It makes my heart so happy and at peace knowing that she is doing what she loves doing with other kids and with kind teachers. I didn’t realize the full impact for both of us (Moriah to have the time dancing and me to have the time to do other things knowing that she is doing something that brings her joy) until it started back up again with zoom classes this week. The videos were so great too, but the zoom classes have just been even better! Thank you so much!!” 
Rachel VanGent