Premier Dance Studio Policies

General Information

Class Placement
Placement will be determined by Premier Dance Studio’s faculty and is based on age/ability. Placements are reviewed for accuracy and adjustments may be made after classes begin.

Annual Performance
All registered students are expected to participate in our annual performance. Recital fees (TBA) and pre-paid costume orders are placed during the months of November and December. Additional information will become available as the show nears.

Monthly Tuition Rates 2023-24

Tuition rates are per student.

EXAMPLE:   Each class meets once a week which includes 4-5 lessons depending on the weeks of the month…Tuition for 1 class each week = $80 per MONTH.  If you take 2 classes per week this equals $140 per MONTH.  The more classes you take per week the less the cost of each class.


1 hour class/week $80  per month      (Half hour=$65/month)
1.25 $90  per month
1.5 $105  per month
2 $130
2.5 $140
3 $150
3.5 $160
4 $170
4.5 $180
5 $190
5.5 $200
6 $210
7 $230
8 $250
Unlimited $270    (Single student)

Additional Rates & Fees

Registration Fee $25  (Annually)
Single Class Fee $20 for 1 hour class or $25 for 1.5 hour class  (Drop-In)
Studio Rental Studio A — $30 per hour
  Studio B — $50 per hour
  Studio C — $40 per hour

Tuition is due the first of every month. Late tuition fee of $15 is applied on the 10th of every month. Invoices are only sent to delinquent accounts.

Private Lessons – (Rates may vary based on instructor)

June Recital Fees

Costume fee(s) will be posted to account TBA Recital Participation Fee of $75 will be posted March 15th..

Dress Code

For your convenience we sell quality dance wear (including dance shoes) at discounted prices!

Pre-K (Ages 3-5)

  • Premier Pink Sparkle Tutu Dress
  • Ballet Pink Tights
  • Revolution Split-Sole Ballet Shoes (no strings)
  • Revolution Black Patent leather Tap Shoes (with fastened strap-no ribbons)


Ballet (Level 1 and up)

  • Black Leotard  
  • Ballet Pink Tights
  • Revolution Split-Sole Ballet Shoes
  • Hair secured tightly in ballet bun.  Hair away from face



  • Black Leotard
  • Black Leggings/Jazz pants or Black Dance shorts
  • Black Jazz Shoes
  • Black lace up Tap Shoes

Hip Hop

  • Premier T-shirt
  • Black Leggings/Jazz pants


Ballet: Black Tights, white T-shirt, white or black ballet shoes and white socks

Jazz/Tap/Hip Hop: Premier T-shirt, black leggings/jazz pants.

Student Etiquette

Premier has the fundamental expectation that students and parents treat each other, their instructors, the staff, and all adults with a disciplined, responsible and courteous manner. Students will be asked to leave if respect is not shown to the instructor or classmates.

Class Attendance/Tardiness
Premier reserves the right to have students who come more than 15 minutes late, sit out the class. Students missing more than 5 classes after January will not be allowed to participate in the year-end performance.

Missed Classes

There will be no credits, transfers or refunds given for missed classes.  However, make ups are allowed within 4 weeks. No make ups will be offered during May or June.