Pre-School Program

Pre School Program at Premier Dance Studio

At Premier, our preschool program is specifically tailored to meet the mental, social and physical needs of children ages 3-5.  (We now offer a Baby Pre-School dance class for ages 18 months- 3years old)

Our goal is to bring laughter, music, fun and dance into the lives of young children. Your rising star will explore the world of creativity through movement, music and dance, imaginative play and emotional expression. Our classes are 1 hour in length and assist to develop our students’ gross motor skills through the introduction of fundamental dance techniques such as ballet and tap.

We have created a learning environment that also reinforces listening skills, following directions, taking turns and behaving respectfully.

This environment promotes a sense of self-respect, discipline, leadership and poise. These attributes provide a solid foundation for your child’s future endeavors.

Our Preschool classes are limited, providing greater interaction and supervision by each teacher.

Our curriculum and teaching methods are both positive and age appropriate.

We look forward to helping your child learn life lessons through dance lessons.